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 Explosion Proof Conduit Bodies



Just two of the items in PECO's growing line of Hazardous Location Fittings, die cast aluminum conduit bodies are:

Available in trade sizes 1/2"& 3/4".

Cast of copper-free aluminum.

Have smooth conduit stops in each hub to protect conductor insulation.

"NPT" threads for Rigid Conduit

External sealing flanges permit access to full internal volume.

Slant cover design on LB versions provide easy accessibility during installation.

Suitable for 

                               - Class I Groups C, D
                               - Class II Groups E,F,G

Used for:

  • In Hazardous Locations and harsh environments where risk of fire or explosion due to ignitable gases, vapors or dust is present.
  •  Changing direction of raceway.
  •  facilitate wire pulling.

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